Lew's View: Where is Mayor Bill de Blasio?

Many New Yorkers are understandably upset that Bill de Blasio has essentially abandoned his post as the mayor of this country's largest city. He has set his delusional sights on the presidency of the United States.

The recent blackout in Midtown Manhattan occurred while the moonlighting mayor was on the campaign trail in Iowa. His predecessor, Mike Bloomberg, used to travel on weekends, but he had a jet and very competent lieutenants, so he could return in a moment's notice or leave things to his able staff.

De Blasio, on the other hand, first couldn't make up his mind as to whether or not he should return, then he couldn't get a flight back until the next day and the person he left in charge had been on the job for 10 minutes.

New York City deserves a full-time mayor.

After this latest incident, many pointed to a clause in the New York State Constitution giving the governor the right to fire the mayor. Of course, Andrew Cuomo loves it when his rival de Blasio screws up and he relishes the attention when he is able to take the stage and act like he is in charge of the city.

Let's face it—de Blasio has never worked very hard. He takes a car 12 miles to the gym every morning and doesn't show up in the office until 11 a.m. He is often late to appointments, he hates charter schools, he totally bungled NYCHA, he rarely meets with his department heads, and he has trouble making decisions.

New Yorkers have been living with these shortcomings for the last 6 years. Now, however, he appears to be putting more effort into his campaign for his next job. And, although it seems impossible, he is putting even less effort into running New York City.

Short of relieving him of his duties, the governor should at least step in and act like a classic sheriff and order the mayor: "Just don't leave town."