Lew's View: The helicopter mayor

Lew Leone is the vice president and general manager of WNYW-FOX 5. He is taking to the airwaves with "Lew's View," his thoughts on current affairs. In this commentary, Mr. Leone discusses the mayor's use of a police helicopter.


On this edition of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, meet the man who lives in a mansion in the greatest city in the world. He fancies honeymoons in Cuba, long European vacations, motorcades with police escorts, and now his latest indulgence, helicopter rides in order to compensate for his habitual lateness. 

You've heard of limousine liberals. Well, meet Bill de Blasio, the privileged progressive.

Just last year when a reporter suggested that maybe the mayor should travel by helicopter to avoid missing the start of important events the mayor replied: "It's just not my thing." 

Apparently it is now his "thing" as the mayor has now commandeered an NYPD helicopter on 12 occasions. Using a helicopter to beat traffic was called "a fantasy of nearly every New Yorker ever caught in traffic on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway" by the New York Times, which also called de Blasio's latest use of the helicopter "another stumble" for the hapless mayor. 

Bill de Blasio's credibility when it comes to his favorite catchphrase "a tale of two cities" continues to erode. All effective leaders know that leading by example is an essential characteristic. For this mayor the examples have only served to portray him as incompetent while he continues to demonstrate that he is out touch with everyday New Yorkers.

"I really don't understand what all of this is about," he said. "There's a policy and I follow that policy to the letter."

Ed Koch realized that in order to be a man of the people he should travel like one, which is why he often rode the subway.

Acting like a true one-percenter and abusing his power by taking a helicopter from Brooklyn to Queens is just the latest hypocrisy for the privileged progressive. 

Taking a helicopter would be my thing but I like most New Yorkers have never been on one.