Legionnaires' disease at NYC hospital

Routine inspections of the water systems at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan last month turned up Legionella bacteria in various locations. So far, only one patient has tested positive for Legionnaire's disease. 

The illness is similar to severe pneumonia and can be life-threatening.

According to a hospital spokesperson, Mount Sinai Beth Israel remains open.

"Immediately upon notification, our emergency response protocols were implemented and mitigation efforts to remove the bacteria were initiated. There is one confirmed case of legionella in a patient and we are working closely with DOH and authorities to protect and treat the patient. In the meantime, in consultation with DOH, we continue to implement water restrictions as appropriate and are taking the proper steps to eradicate the issue. The hospital remains fully open and safe for patients and visitors."

Legionnaire's disease is not transmittable from person-to-person contact.

Early treatment with antibiotics usually cures the disease. 

Last year, 16 people died after coming in contact with the bacteria in the Bronx.

The largest in the city's history, was traced to Legionella bacteria in the cooling tower of the Opera House Hotel.