Lawyer: Michael Cohen 'upbeat' about prison

Michael Cohen, the disgraced fixer for President Trump, is "upbeat" about prison, according to his lawyer.

Good Day New York co-host Lori Stokes interviewed Lanny Davis about Cohen.

Davis said, "On his way to Otisville, which is the prison in upstate New York,  he called me. Tough time for him and his family, but he called me and was pretty upbeat."

Davis said Cohen said, "I have nothing to look forward to other than three years in prison.  Being without my family and my children,  but one thing keeps me going: the power of the truth."

Davis questions why the only one to go to jail in the entire Trump organization is Michael Cohen.

"To me, it's not a coincidence," Davis said.

Davis says Cohen will not be able to tell his full story until he gets out of prison.