Lawsuit: Cop threw pregnant woman to the ground

A New Jersey mom is suing the NYPD. She said officers used excessive force on her back when she was seven months' pregnant. She also said she was falsely arrested to cover up the officers' abuse of power. The charges filed against her were ultimately dismissed.

The incident happened on March 31 2015, on a one-way street outside Port Richmond High School in Staten Island. Sheena Stewart was behind the wheel of a car when she was pulled over for allegedly not coming to a complete stop.

Stewart said she was thrown to the ground by Officer Matthew Costellano. She was 7.5 months pregnant. She said the officer flew into a rage.

On Tuesday, Stewart and her lawyer Brett Klein held a press conference to lay out the verbal and physical abuse that she said happened that day. She is suing the NYPD for an unspecified amount.

That day, Stewart was arrested and taken to the 121st Precinct. She was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration. Her lawyer said she was in police custody for about 30 hours. Charges were later dropped.

The NYPD told Fox 5 News that the officer involved resigned about 2 months after the incident.

Stewart's baby was born and is healthy.