Lawmakers push back on plan to scrap NYC's Gifted and Talented program

Lawmakers gathered at City Hall on Wednesday to call on Mayor Bill de Blasio to reject a proposal by an influential advisory group to scrap the city’s Gifted and Talented program, instead arguing it should be expanded.

The advisory group had recommended phasing out the Gifted and Talented programs and replacing them with other options like school-wide enrichment programs to encourage more diversity. 

“My view is, first of all, this is a very big, complicated discussion,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio in some of his first public comments on the topic. “What I know is something as big and complicated as Gifted and Talented deserves a very, very careful, thoughtful process.”

So far, the De Blasio administration has only said that there will be no changes for students already enrolled this year.

During an appearance on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza signaled his support for enrichment programs saying it closely mirrors his philosophy to improve schools and reach more students long-term.