Lauryn Hill invites NJ high school band to share the stage

An extraordinary 25-year journey reached its apex when R&B legend Lauryn Hill graced the stage at the Prudential Center on Tuesday night. 

What made this performance truly remarkable was that it was accompanied by the Columbia High School band, where Lauryn Hill herself was once a student.

For the young musicians of the Columbia High School band, this was a moment they will cherish and share with generations to come. It was an experience that comes along once in a lifetime, a moment when Lauryn Hill invited them to share the stage.

Playing in support of one of the greatest musicians ever produced by both their state and their school was an electrifying experience for these talented students from South Orange and Maplewood, New Jersey. Hill's performance marked the 25th anniversary of her iconic solo album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill."


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The opportunity to collaborate with Hill unfolded unexpectedly when a call came in from a board member who had coached Lauryn Hill in cheerleading.

Georgia Green, the piccolo player, described the moment with excitement: "I was in science class, and Celeste told FOX 5 NY's Teresa Priolo, and she couldn't believe it. It was surreal.

Although the students had never performed Hill's music before, they eagerly embraced the challenge. Celeste Intagliata, a member of the band, shared her initial reaction: 

As it turns out, they were more than up to the task, and their primary goal was to make Ms. Hill proud.

Samuel Nasberg-Abrams expressed their enthusiasm, saying, "We are really excited; this is a big deal. We're thrilled to be performing alongside a famous artist."


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These students weren't even born when "Everything is Everything" was everything! It was a time when Lauryn Hill captivated the world's attention. 

"The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" remains her only solo album and was the first hip-hop album ever to receive a Grammy for Album of the Year, setting a groundbreaking standard for women in hip-hop. Even after all these years, it's impossible not to sing along.