Large percentage of young COVID-19 deaths are among minorities

Although COVID-19 deaths are much lower among younger people, government statistics released on Tuesday showed that a vast majority of them are among minorities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said there are 121 known coronavirus-associated deaths among people under the age of 21 in the United States out of nearly 400,000 confirmed or probable COVID-19 cases.

Hispanic children made up nearly 45% of coronavirus deaths among Americans under the age of 21.  Blacks accounted for another 29% of young coronavirus deaths.  White children made up only 14% of coronavirus deaths.


The CDC says minorities were more likely to not be able to work from home and that meant a higher risk for exposure to the virus and secondary transmission among household members.

Researchers also said that disparities in social determinants, such as crowded living conditions, food and housing insecurity, wealth and educational gaps, and racial discrimination are likely factors.

They also cited a lack of insurance, child care, transportation, or paid sick leave as possible factors.

The CDC warns that as schools and other educational institutions reopen for in-person learning, the number of pediatric deaths might increase, and added monitoring should continue.