Knick Derrick Rose says he "didn't do anything wrong"

NY Knick Derrick Rose says he isn't worried about his sexual assault trial that is to start next week because he feels he "didn't do anything wrong." 

A woman sued Rose last year in California, contending the former MVP and two of his friends raped her in August 2013 while she was incapacitated after a night of drinking. Rose and the others say they had consensual sex with her that night.

The civil trial is to begin Oct. 4 -- barring any settlement -- the day the Knicks play their exhibition opener in Houston.

Speaking with reporters on Monday ahead of his first practice with the team the following day, Rose also said he didn't know anything about a reported criminal investigation against him launched by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Disturbing details emerged earlier this month about the case after a federal judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit.

According to court records, the woman had been drinking at Rose's Beverly Hills, California, home, and a friend helped her return home, where she vomited and fell asleep.

The $21.5 million sexual battery lawsuit contends that Rose and the other two defendants entered her apartment the next morning and raped her.

Disturbing details from the deposition given by Rose have emerged and were posted to

Rose testified that he had consistently asked Jane Doe for group sex and that she always refused, except for the night before the alleged rape.

The woman believes that an unknown drug was slipped into her drink at Rose's home, and she "did not do any pregnancy tests or a rape kit because she was terribly ashamed and embarrassed," according to her lawsuit.