Kidney donor and recipient meet in person for the first time

Ruth Tisak is alive thanks to NYPD Detective Michael Lollo. They met today for the first time since Lollo donated a kidney to her.

The two were strangers until they met on Facebook after the surgery last December. Ruth lives in Pennsylvania. She read an article about Lollo. She knew her donor was from New York, and so sent him a friend request on Facebook.

Tisak said her husband is her first hero but that Lollo is her second hero.

The New York Mets are honoring Lollo before Wednesday evening's game and helped arrange the meeting.

Lollo said he was inspired to donate a kidney after Marc Weiner of Long Island advertised on a billboard in Times Square last summer that he needed a kidney donor. Lollo wasn't a match for Weiner, but he was a match for Tisak.

She said Lollo texts her every week to see how she is doing. He said that he hopes their story will inspire others to become organ donors.