Kid Ink is at 'Full Speed'

The competition is fierce in hip hop. Only a handful of artists make it to the superstar level. We caught up with one rising star who just finished a world tour and touched down in New York to give us this exclusive interview. His name is Kid Ink.

Kid Ink's blockbuster hit "Show Me" featuring Chris Brown broke Billboard's rap airplay chart record, holding down the No. 1 spot for more than five months straight. While most rappers start with the verse, then add the beats, Kid Ink told me he his creative process is just the opposite.

He has performed sold-out shows all over the United States and Europe, winning new fans with his energy and the fun party vibe of so much of his music. His second album, "Full Speed," drops February 3. He is hoping fans will like where he is at and where he is going.

Kid Ink got his name from all his tattoos -- too many to count. He got inked for the first time when he was 15 in Los Angeles, his hometown. A year later he began producing music. He said he realized people were paying attention when he went to a grocery store and several employees asked to take photos with him.

Kid Ink said he got open about his personal struggles in a few of his songs. He was surprised by his fans' response.

The single "Body Language," featuring Usher, has already become his third top 10 hit. He said he believes the hunger to succeed is what ultimately makes an artist reach and stay at the top.

Kid Ink said the title of his new album -- "Full Speed" -- comes from his love of cars. He used to race and now drives a Corvette Stingray when he is home, which isn't too often with his packed promotion and touring schedule.