Kickboxing for seniors: Improving on health one punch at a time

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If you think you're too old to try something new, think again. A group of seniors is taking kickboxing by storm. In this newly offered class in the San Fernando Valley, the average age is 85 years old. 

They're learning to punch, jab and kick and it's helping their minds, too.  As Marla Tellez, found out, kickboxing is being used to fight dementia, Alzheimers, and Parkinson's disease.

These ladies and one gentleman pack quite the punch, and their kicks aren’t bad either.

What makes their moves so impressive… their age.

Nicholas Daniloff and Delna Jacobs are soon celebrating their 92nd year… and as students of this kickboxing for seniors class, they’ll do so in tip top shape.

More than 60 years their junior, fitness instructor Patrick Spencer dreamt up the idea to offer the 30-minute low impact, full body workout at this retirement community – The Reserve at Thousand Oaks. 

Immediately, it was a hit with the older crowd!

Learning how to throw a jab, cross, hook, upper cut and kick has helped 86-year old Mary Koenigshof’s balance.

Of course, the dynamic movements are good for the body, but the reserve’s fitness director says kickboxing is being used to fight Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s and dementia.

For this group of young at hearts, this class does burn calories.

The benefits abound… and seeing the results, even for Patrick, helps put a little kick in their step.

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