Kanye West gives 10-minute speech to Trump in Oval Office

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Rapper and producer Kanye West at the White House.

Rapper and producer Kanye West met with President Donald Trump at the White House for a working lunch on Thursday.

Prior to the lunch, West sat down with the President in the Oval Office where he spoke about a wide variety of topics. Among them was the stop-and-frisk policing strategy.

Trump earlier this week called on Chicago to adopt the practice, in which large numbers of people are temporarily detained, questioned and sometimes searched for drugs and weapons.

Trump had said that "stop-and-frisk works." But West, who is from Chicago, told Trump that this strategy is detrimental. "We feel stop-and-frisk does not help relationships in the city," West said.

Trump said he'd been willing to "look at it." He added, "They have to do something."

Stop-and-frisk was used extensively in New York City until it was deemed unconstitutional because of its impact on minority residents.

Chicago reached an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois in 2015 to curb the practice.

During their meeting, West credited Trump with stopping a potential war with North Korea and encouraged Trump to swap his usual Air Force One jet for a hydrogen-powered plane.

In a nearly 10-minute long speech in the Oval Office, West said he was pressured not to wear his red "Make America Great Again" cap. He said he made some hats that simply say "Make America Great" and he wants the president and Colin Kaepernick to wear them.

West also said that many people believe that a black person has to be a Democrat.