Judge orders tattoos be covered for trial

A Las Vegas judge has ordered a cosmetologist to cover up a defendant's neck and facial tattoos that include a swastika and the words "Most Wanted" on each day of his robbery trial.

District Judge Richard Scotti decided that Bayzle Morgan's tattoos should be concealed in an effort to get him a fair trial.

Morgan has tattoos including a swastika inside a clover under his eye, the words "Skin Head" on his eyebrows and "Baby Nazi" written across his neck.  He also has "Most Wanted" across his forehead.

It comes after an entire group of potential jurors said last month that they couldn't be impartial after seeing Morgan's tattoos. A new group saw him in makeup on Monday.

Defense attorney Dan Bunin says he supports the move.

Morgan also has been charged with murder in a separate case where a 75-year-old woman was killed says before the robbery.  The murder trial is set to begin next month.  It was unclear if his tattoos would be covered for that trial.

Morgan is on the website writeaprisoner.com. He says:  "The fact that you’re visiting this site gives me hope and as well shows me a 23 year old man that’s made some mistakes in life is still worthy of a meaningful friendship."