Joey Lawrence talks new music, whether he would join ‘The Masked Singer’

Joey Lawrence is most known for his work in front of the television screen, appearing on several hit TV series over the years, including "Blossom," "Brotherly Love" and more recently "Melissa and Joey." But the actor also has a talent for music, and revealed that he would consider using his vocal abilities on a future season of FOX’s hit show "The Masked Singer."

In an interview Monday with FOX Television Stations, Lawrence, 45, opened up about his lifelong passion for music, having recently recorded a single, "Turtle," which is currently available on all music platforms including Spotify and iTunes. 

"It’s sort of this country-pop thing, inspired by the love of my life, who’s also my writing partner," Lawrence said. His writing partner, Samantha Cope, is also his new fiance, according to US Weekly. 

When asked whether Lawrence would use his vocal abilities on a show like "The Masked Singer," he said he probably would if he were asked to. 


The live event on Wednesday featured appearances from celebrities including Paris Hilton — known for "The Simple Life" — and Joey Lawrence, known for "Brotherly Love."  (Tubi / Frank Micelotta)

"A lot of judges on there have thought it was me a lot in the first several seasons of that show, because I get pinged all the time ‘is that you — the gator?’ Or ‘they think you’re this’ or ‘they think you’re that,’" Lawrence shared. "If they asked me to do it, yeah, I would probably do that. That’d be kind of fun."

Season 6 of "The Masked Singer" premieres Sept. 22 with a major two-night event. 

"It’s always fun to do that and have people guess and see if they can tell who it was," Lawrence continued. "Again, a lot of people have thought it was me up there, so it’d be fun to do it and they say, ‘Oh my God, we guessed you for five years.’"

The actor said music has continued to be a source of inspiration for him, even from a young age.

"I remember when I was a little kid, it was really music that inspired me," Lawrence continued. "When I was super, super little, like 3 or 4 years old, I was watching the Donny and Marie Osmond show, which is a show where they had a variety show, where they sang and danced, and according to my mother, I was infatuated with that show."

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Whether or not we get to see his singing abilities on the TV screen, we’ll at least get to see his acting chops once again in "Swim" — Tubi’s new original summer movie that follows a family trapped in their storm-flooded vacation rental who must try to escape a hungry shark that’s made its way into the house. 


Still from Tubi original movie "Swim" (Tubi)

"Swim" is part of Tubi’s inaugural Shark Month: Bitefest, home to the biggest streaming library of free shark movies, including all four installments of the iconic "Jaws" franchise, available to stream for free.

The actor said he hopes people forget about the bad news happening in real life and find a "fun" respite in the film.

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"I want people to... forget all about the real-life headlines and all the real-life drama that is falling upon us hourly, minute-by-minute, and just sit back for a couple hours," Lawrence continued. "This will be escapism hopefully for a lot of people, a thrill ride for a lot of people. Have some popcorn, sit down with the family and friends and just watch a good old-fashioned shark try to catch some people in the water. Hopefully, it will just be fun, that’s what this movie is intended to be: fun."

"Swim" premieres Friday, Aug. 13 on Tubi. 

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