Joey Feek battles final stages of cancer, shares last dance with Rory

Joey Martin Feek can no longer walk. The country singer's cancer keeps her in bed with a morphine drip.

She was first treated for cervical cancer in last year, and the cancer returned this summer. Joey stopped cancer treatment in October.

Her story is told in a series of heartbreaking posts in the blog This Life I Live by her husband Rory Feek.

In his blog, Rory gives fans a look into the daily life of his family and of Joey's battle with the last stages of cancer.

The couple came to fame as the country duo Joey+Rory.

Many people have been following their story, checking out the videos and pictures described in beautiful words by Rory.

But in the November 29 blog post, Rory shared a heartbreaking photo of what may be their last dance.

Rory writes: