Joe Biden meets a puppy named Biden

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Former Vice President Joe Biden meets a dog named Biden and its owner on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 22, 2017. (AP)

Former Vice President Joe Biden was back in Washington this week to celebrate the anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, something he famously referred to as a BFD.

When the longtime senator-turned-veep appeared at the Capitol on Wednesday, he came nose-to-snout with an adorable Golden retriever with a familiar name: Biden.

The dog's owner told BuzzFeed News that she named her pooch Biden because the elder statesman is her "favorite politician and favorite elected official."

The two Bidens immediately took to each other. Photos of the meeting show the two exchanging a slobbery smooch.

The exuberant former vice president seemed more than happy to pose for a selfie with his furry friend and his mom, Sydney.

Biden, the dog, has an Instagram profile (of course). You can follow his exploits here.