Job seekers flock to MTA's first-ever job fair at Grand Central Terminal

The MTA hosted its first job fair with a huge turnout at the Grand Central Terminal. 

There are at least 2,000 people who attended with their resumes looking for a job.

"Just working a grocery store job and then during COVID a few months not able to find any work and haven’t really recovered from that yet," David Joseph of Brooklyn said.

Joseph is a 63-year-old machinist, but would accept "anything just to get into the company."


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Adila Jahan of New Hyde Park, Long Island is currently out of work. 

The MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber talked to some of the applicants standing in line.  There are representatives from each of the MTA’s agencies who are recruiting.  

"It’s not just conductors and bus drivers. We’re talking about accountants. We’re talking about doctors and nurses. We’re talking about IT professionals. We got a lot of IT jobs all over the agency," Lieber said.