JetBlue coming to Daytona Beach

Volusia County is agreeing to give JetBlue $400,000 in advertising money to trumpet their new service at the Daytona Beach International Airport.  On January 7, 2016, the airliner will begin new direct flights to New York City, something Volusia County Chairman Jason Davis is excited about.  

"How amazing could that be? If I want to go see a Broadway play tomorrow, I can get up there and watch a Broadway play."  Both he and the County are more excited about the possibilities of economic impact to Volusia County.

The advertising money would go for JetBlue to try and get people on the flights that leave New York City. Tourist taxes will cover some of that $400,000 and Chairman Davis says that is just the way those dollars should be used.  "That's a good use of tax dollars. We are advertising a major campaign in New York to say 'Hey, come to Daytona Beach, the world's most famous beach'. Come here. Enjoy have a great time."

Davis explains that the majority of the money will come from the airport itself.  "Landing strip fees, through baggage handling fees, through all these fees and from rental, because when an airliner lands we charge them rent."

Those are fees that airlines pass on to customers that fly in and out of the Daytona Beach International Airport. Direct service from Jet Blue to New Your City begins on January 7th.