'Already won': Kelce brothers, parents talk coin toss, cheering plans and signing babies

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It was a family affair over on Jason and Travis' podcast Monday when their parents both made a highly anticipated appearance for one unforgettable episode.

Supermom Donna Kelce kicked it off with question after grueling question from her boys: "Who are you rooting for?" "Should you do the coin toss?" "Would you sign a baby?"

The proud mom took the interrogation in stride, and stuck to her guns that she will be cheering for the offense.

"I am gonna be screaming the entire game, whoever has the ball," Donna said. "I want it to be the highest-scoring Super Bowl ever in the history of Super Bowls."

However, she did reveal that you will find her on the field with Travis after the game no matter the outcome.

"I will be on the field for Travis. Jason will have his family, so not I won't be on the field for Jason," she explained.

But will she be on the field before the game for an epic coin toss? Nationwide love for Donna has spread across the nation, sparking a petition for her to toss the ceremonial coin for the Big Game.


"There are so many legends that have their blood, sweat and tears on that field, and for a mom that's never played football, I don't think that's the right place for her to be," she told the brothers.

So, where does she stand on signing babies? Definitely not in agreement with her sons!

"I don't think you should ever even put a Sharpie on an adult… so, no!" she said.

Then it was dad's turn, with Jason and Travis hoping for more divisive answers from their former childhood coach.

Ed Kelce did not crack! He said you will catch him cheering for both brothers during the game, but he'll be by the losing brother's side when it's all over.

"Somebody's gonna feel pretty crumby, and I wanna be with them initially," he explained.

However, according to Ed, the true winner has already been crowned.

"I'm on the most popular podcast in sports, I've already f---ing won!" 

When it comes to Donna's coin toss, Travis and Jason questioned whether their mom would even be able to execute the task. Their dad had the perfect response!

"You've got a better chance of getting me to pick a winner then this conversation," Ed laughed.

And all that is just the beginning! The two-and-half-hour podcast covered the history of Ed and Donna, their thoughts on all the media attention, advice on raising NFL players and some coaching stories from when the brothers were young boys!

You can listen to the full New Heights podcast on their YouTube channel.