Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter video captures beagle climbing kennel

A curious beagle was caught on camera climbing the fencing in her kennel at a Virginia animal shelter.

The Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter posted the video of “Buttermilk” scaling the cage on their Facebook page and the pooch became an overnight sensation.

“For some strays, we can only assume how they come into our care... however lately Buttermilk has shown staff just how she probably ended up with us,” the shelter wrote on its Facebook page. “Whoever adopts this cutie is going to need to keep a regular eye on her! She may be tiny but she is MIGHTY and has super climbing powers!”

Buttermilk was spotted jumping down from the fence and back in to her kennel, but was not injured, according to the animal shelter. Buttermilk was temporarily moved into a different style of kennel for her safety.

After Buttermilk went viral on social media, shelter officials were happy to confirm to FOX 5 that Buttermilk found her “fur-ever” home and was adopted Friday morning.

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