ISIS claims responsibility for Egypt church bombings

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In video made available by Egyptian Interior Ministry, a man sitting at right is engulfed by the blast as a suicide bomber detonates at the front gates into St. Mark's Coptic Cathedral in Alexandria, Egypt, Sunday April 9, 2017.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks that took place during Palm Sunday celebrations at Coptic Christian churches in Egyptian cities.

At least 44 people are dead, and more than 100 injured in the suspected suicide bombings.

Egypt's president has called for a state of emergency for three months.

Israeli security officials have asked Israeli tourists in parts of Egypt to return home immediately.

In New York, the NYPD has dispatched officers to Coptic and Catholic churches around the city as a precaution.

Sunday marked the start of Holy Week on the Christian calendar. In Egypt, members of the Coptic Orthodox faith flooded streets and houses of worship for Palm Sunday services.

Their Christian faith has been attacked before, but never to this extent.

Palm Sunday services were underway when two separate bombings in the northern cities of Tanta and Alexandria spread terror through church pews- pain and panic in the streets, just hours apart.

The Islamic State or ISIS has claimed responsibility. The timing appeared to be no coincidence the bombings come just days after Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Sisi met with president Trump to discuss ways to defeat ISIS. The destruction also comes about 2 weeks before Pope Francis scheduled trip to Egypt.

At Our Lady of Peace church, a Roman Catholic Church that was closed in 2015, the city's Coptic Orthodox faithful came together to worship on Palm Sunday, and offer prayers for the lives lost and those injured in Egypt.

At St. Patrick's Cathedral after Palm Sunday services, Cardinal Dolan said he fears the war on Christians is not over yet.

Church members remain strong, with one of the church members telling Fox 5 that ISIS may destroy their churches, and take innocent lives, but the terrorists will never destroy their faith.