Is this the dirtiest subway car in NYC?

New York City straphangers are getting used to a return to dirty subway platforms and trains but this might just be a new low for being disgusting.

A construction worker on his way to work at 4:45 a.m. last week came across a trash-filled subway car on the #2 line in the Bronx.  Trash, including bottles, newspapers, bags and assorted other items were strewn across the car and seats as a disturbed man, believed to be homeless, sat in the middle of it.  At one end of the train car, there was even a trash-filled shopping cart.

Tim Brown posted the video on Instagram to show his frustration with the conditions.  He shot the video as the train was pulling into the Allerton station.

"This is crazy!" Brown said on the video.

NYC Transit President Andy Byford said in a statement to Fox 5 News that it was a clear violation of subway rules and:  "No one should ever have to experience this."

Byford said that the subway system works with the Dept. of Homeless Services to ensure people who need help are connected to the services they need.

He also said that the NYPD had been alerted about the video but a police spokesperson told Fox 5 News that in situations like this, they would take an emotionally disturbed person to the hospital or otherwise simply tell them to clean up the mess.