Is the infamous 'Freaknik' returning to metro Atlanta?

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How long has it been since you've heard the term “Freaknik?” It used to be a week-long, “wild street party” around college spring break that used to make headlines in this city. It went away about 20 years ago and now appears it will stay gone for now. 

Promoter Danny Hefner along with Keith Harris and several other promoters, started working to bring it back a few months ago, but despite the already the word is spreading, the venue said it has to cancel the event.

Promoters wanted to bring the event back and planned a Freaknik at the Atrium in Stone Mountain, which can accommodate 3,500 people, for the Labor Day weekend, but the owner of the venue canceled the event. He said he did not know the event was billed as “Freaknik.” He also said he supports the Black Lives Matter movement, and does not feel this event represents the movement's goals.

Hefner said he was trying to recreate the event outside of the tradition downtown Atlanta home and address security concerns in advance.

“We want to make it as close to the real Freaknik as possible,” promoter Danny Hefner said. Hefner was too young to remember the event, but growing up, he heard the stories.

“Just heard how wild it was,” said Hefner. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime. People would die to get it back. My mom told me she would wish it could back for one night only so I could experience.”

Hefner said despite not even promoting the event yet, he was getting calls as far away as New York.

Promoters said while they want to recreate Freaknik, they are mindful of the concerns and wished to squash concerns from people who remember the 90's when partygoers shut down interstates and the criminal activity that became associated with the party. They even met with police on Wednesday.