Is the government shutdown going to affect Super Bowl?

There are concerns that the partial government shutdown could lead to problems or even the cancelation of the Super Bowl set for Feb. 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Super Bowls involved detailed coordination between federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations.  Some of the federal agencies involved in the tight security preparations include the FBI, Secret Service and ICE.

If the the shutdown continues, the dederal employees working the game will not have been paid for around two months.

At a House Democratic Caucus meeting Thursday morning one representative brought up the possibilty might affect the ability to secure the event properly.

Another lawmaker, who was not named, reportedly told Fox News that canceling the Super Bowl -- a possibility that officials have not suggested -- "would definitely lead to the end of the government shutdown."

Even if the game goes on as scheduled, people might have trouble getting to and from the game if they are flying to get there.  The TSA has seen significate employee absenses since the government shutdown.  
Atlanta's Hartfield-Jackson International Airport has been one of the hardest hit with security delays.  On Monday, wait times hit 88 minutes.