INXS songwriter Andrew Farriss explores new sounds in solo work

INXS was one of the biggest bands of the 80s with hits like "Need You Tonight," "Never Tear Us Apart," and "New Sensation."

Now the band’s creative force and pianist, Andrew Farriss is exploring a new sound in his solo career.

Farriss reflects on the success of INXS:

"Well first of all – I pay respect to my fellow members of the band, Mr. Michael Hutchence, who sadly passed away a long time ago… my brothers Tim and John, Kirk Pengilly, and Garry Beers. I don’t know what gave us that longevity. I think many things worked for us. We worked in over 50 countries at one point in our life – in our touring life. And we toured a lot, and I guess we garnered fans along the way. I want to say thank you to all of those fans that bought those records back then. And it meant a hell of a  lot to all of us."

Now to Farriss’ solo career, which has a much different sound than his INXS days. Now he’s traded the piano for the guitar, strumming and singing with warm nodes of Americana and Country.

"I guess my journey that I’m on now. I’ve always loved country music. And I’m a songwriter. That was my main role in INXS – as a songwriter. And I’m still doing that now – out promoting my own album now."