Interview with Sen. Ted Cruz on Good Day New York

Good Day New York co-hosts Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto grilled GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz ahead of Tuesday's primary.  The interview aired Friday morning on Fox 5 in two parts.  From parts 1 and 2 interview with Sen. Ted Cruz:

From calling for the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service and stopping amnesty and sanctuary cities, the Texan pleaded his case for the New York vote.  But his comments about "New York values" remain a point of contention for many New Yorkers.

"I do not support the values of liberal Democratic politicians," said Cruz. "The people of New York are suffering under them. I was in Buffalo recently, people are hungry for jobs. Knucklehead liberal politicians in New York won't let New Yorkers develop their resources. Here in the city, under Bill de Blasio, we've seen murder rates go up. Bill de Blasio stopped 'stop-and-frisk.' That's hurting New York."

Part 2 of the interview: