Interactive exhibits on bionic breakthroughs at New York Hall of Science

Bionic Me is a new exhibition at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. More than 20 exhibits give visitors a hands-on view of how technology can enhance the potential of the human body.

"There are lots of different examples of modern bionics and things that are coming up in the future for kids to not only get their hands on and understand now but also see what bionics might affect them further down their lives," said Lauren Parikhal, the marketing and communications manager at the Hall of Science.

The exhibits are highly interactive.

"Like our VR Jet Pack where you can put on virtual reality helmet and fly around our city," Parikhal said. "There's also Race Against the Paralympian where you can see if you can beat a Paralympian's running time."

Ava, an 8-year-old third grader, said that was her favorite exhibit because it tested her speed.

"We also have a wind tunnel where kids can try on different accessories and see their aerodynamic-ness," Parikhal said.

Margaret, 9, said her favorite exhibits were about planes and electricity.

"Kids who are seeing can experiment reading Braille with their hands," Parikhal said. "It's covered so that they have an opportunity to see what it might be like for someone who is visually impaired."

I tried it and figured it out. It said, "Good ideas have no age limit."

Rosanna Satterfield brought her 11th-grade biochemistry class to explore this different way of looking at science.

"I think it's incredibly helpful to see the range of ways people communicate ideas," Satterfield said, "and just innovative use of material, spaces, videos, and other forms of media to communicate a scientific concept."

"We really hope that people learn and understand how these technologies can enhance their lives and help them further down the road," Parikhal said.

The Bionic Me exhibit is at the New York Hall of Science through May 5. For more information, log onto