In real-life Tony Stark move, Robert Downey Jr. aims to clean up planet with advanced technology

Robert Downey Jr. might just be a real-life Tony Stark. The “Iron Man” actor announced the launch of a new organization that will combat climate change with advanced technology.

Downey said the organization, called Footprint Coalition, will officially launch in April 2020. A website with the name is already live online, but only allows for people to sign up for a newsletter.

The actor didn’t provide any details on the group, but said he’d spoken with experts who told him robotics and other advanced technology could help clean up the earth in the next decade.

Downey vowed to spend the next 11 years working to make a difference for the planet. He also admitted that he’s guilty of polluting the environment.

"I am a one-man carbon footprint nightmare colossus," he said. "I want to change."

The announcement was made Tuesday night in Las Vegas during the end of his keynote speech at Amazon’s re:Mars conference. The online retailer and other companies focused on how they’re using artificial intelligence and other tech at the gathering.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.