Importance of regular eye exams even if you are young

For Kelsey Vachon, a trip to the ophthalmologist for eye allergies turned into a life-changing experience. When the doctor dilated her eyes, he immediately detected a detached retina, something she had never heard of before.

Kelsey, 25 immediately met with Dr. Jonathan Feistmann, a retina specialist with the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai. Dr. Fiestmann said it is not uncommon for someone to not have any symptoms. But some of the most common symptoms are seeing spots, floaters, and flashes of light.

He also said a case like this in someone as young as Kelsey is not common. He said if it is caught early, laser surgery can be used to save the patient's central vision.

Dr. Feistmann says that annual checkups, especially for those who are near-sighted, can help with early detection.