Importance of learning CPR

Under the bright lights in Times Square, people of all ages learned how to perform CPR.

J.J. Persany knows just how important this is. His heart stopped two years ago, but CPR saved his life. J.J. has made it his life's work to teach CPR to anyone he can. He has instructed some 800 people in his hometown upstate.

J.J. and other survivors came to Times Square to take part in this American Heart Association hands-only CPR awareness event. Thousands of people learned how to perform the lifesaving technique.

Lawrence Phillips, the medical director of NYU Cardiology Associates, says hands-only CPR is much less intimidating.

There was also a hands-only CPR Relay. Participants tried to set a new Guinness World Record for the Most People performing CPR without stopping. So I had to get involved.

Bringing CPR to the world stage on the Great White Way will hopefully inspire more people to learn how to save a life.

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