'I have no where to go, its crazy': Bronx residents displaced by fire

Residents of 2162 Valentine Avenue in the Bronx have been displaced since last Tuesday when a fire ripped through their 6-story apartment building.

Most of the fire and damage was on the third floor. 33 units were affected, forcing the city’s buildings department to order a partial order to vacate the building. 

25 families, that’s 66 adults and 22 children, have been receiving help from the Red Cross. They were put up in hotels, but their time is up. They claim they can't go back tonight, saying they have no place to go.

The Red Cross told FOX 5 their assistance is intended for the short term, usually 24–72 hours: 

"During this time, Red Cross caseworkers are available to work with the residents to gather the documents and information they need to connect with New York City agencies, like Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) who can provide longer-term solutions for sheltering needs. Residents are also provided with information regarding services and programs available from other government agencies and nonprofit organizations that may be able to help with recovery needs. Any residents who have not yet connected with HPD should contact the agency directly."

The residents say they don't want to go into a shelter because it's too crowded, and the living conditions are awful. 

The NYC Housing Preservation and Development says it assists families who have been displaced with emergency housing, telling FOX 5:

 "HPD’s Emergency Housing Services team is working around the clock to provide emergency housing to over 1,500 New Yorkers across the city, including those impacted by the fire on Valentine Avenue earlier this month. Our lines remain open to anyone with an active vacate order issued to their home who have nowhere else to go. Those in need of shelter may contact the Emergency Housing Hotline by calling 212-863-7660 and leaving a message."