Ice company works around the clock

This intricate operation pumps out 300 tons to 400 tons of ice on any given day. With the temperature above 90 degrees, the Nuzzolese Brothers Ice Company says they're pushing 1,000 tons.

With proper safety gear, President Vincent Nuzzolese walked us through the ice-making process. He says the ice makers make ice in about 20 minutes. From there, the ice goes into a holding area, gets cured and processed, and packed into a bag in just minutes. The bags are wrapped and moved into a 25,000-square-foot 20-degree freezer.

Bagged ice is loaded onto trucks by the palate. From the Hicksville location, it is then delivered to stores and businesses throughout the tri-state area.

During the summer months, the facility operates 24/7. On weeks like this where the weather is warmer, as many as 100 people work on site to meet the high demand.