'I was gonna run for president before I got high': Afroman announces 2024 White House run

HOLLYWOOD, FL - DECEMBER 20: Afroman performs on stage at the Snoop Dogg Puff Puff Pass Tour at Hard Rock Event Center in Hollywood, Fla on December 20, 2018 in Hollywood, Florida. (Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)

Could we see a rapper in the White House in 2024? 

After Kanye West announced he's running for president… again, 48-year-old Afroman has entered the presidential chat. 

Known for his 2001 songs "Because I Got High," and "Crazy Rap," Afroman, born Joseph Foreman, announced his candidacy on his Instagram last week. 

Foreman said he's running as an independent pledging to be "Our Cannabis Commander in Chief. Our Pot Head of State."

"There comes a time in the course of human events when change must be affected," his campaign manager, Jason Savage, wrote Tuesday on Instagram. "That time is now. Americans are suffering, and the status quo is no longer acceptable."

Savage added that Foreman represents the perfect qualities of the American dream. 

"Who better to hold the highest office in the land, than the highest and flyest playa in the game? He is for the black man, Mexican, even poor white, all human beings that have no rights. So put down your past, and pick up your future," Savage continued.

Afroman's eight-priority platform includes: 

  1. Decriminalization of cannabis
  2. Criminal justice reform
  3. Law enforcement reform
  4. Immediate halt of all foreign aid
  5. Reparations for African Americans
  6. Promotion of unity, peace and love
  7. Promotion of celebratory displays in professional sports
  8. Legalization of prostitution