Huge patch of poison ivy hangs over sidewalk in Queens

New York City is all for leafy greens. But some greens growing in Long Island City are something else: poison ivy.

The poison ivy plants are bursting through the fence next to a busy sidewalk at on Jackson Avenue0 near the Pulaski Bridge, first reported by Gothamist. The patch is growing on a property right beside Long Island Rail Road tracks.

Poison ivy's ability to spread quickly is particularly troubling for residents who have come into contact with it in the past.

Here is where things get itchy. If the roots are on MTA land then it is an MTA issue. However, if the ivy climbs more than 22 feet in the air, it also becomes the city's responsibility.

The MTA confirmed that the LIRR does own property. The MTA is investigating the ivy and hopes to fix the situation quickly.