How do you dress for wild weather swings?

It's the middle of March, but lately for New Yorkers it only feels like winter on some days. One day it's sunny and spring-like, the next day it's snowing. So we hit the streets of Astoria to see if people are frustrated with the changing weather -- and also how they plan their outfits every day.

"When it's 60-degree weather you think you're in Los Angeles and the next day is snows," said one Astoria resident.

Katie Vodola feels the same way. She is a social worker who is always outside making home visits.

"I usually just bring layers and then if it's hot I'll be carrying around my jacket with me and if it's cold I usually bring a big bag and start to layer up," said Vodola.

We also found lots of resilient New Yorkers who are ready to swing at whatever curveball, or snowball, that comes their way.

"I'm a typical New Yorker, we deal with anything," said another Astoria resident.

For those of you who are bundled up, you'll probably want to stay that way at least for the next week or so. More snow is expected.