Homeschooling New York City children

Willow Doldan, 5, is enthusiastic about going to school every day, but it's not your typical school setting. She attends class while sitting in her Hell's Kitchen living room.

"It just really caught my attention because I knew that I could really have more of an influence on her overall future with whatever she decided to do," said Sara Doldan, Willow's mom.

Sara decided to homeschool her daughter as a way to put extra focus on Willow's interests and best academic subjects. Willow and her friend Ariana, 6, both attend an online accredited school called K12 International Academy.

Ariana's mother, Dalli, believes homeschooling is the most intimate way to learn.

"You also get to see where they're struggling," Dalli said. "You get to understand both from an academic way but also from a social, emotional."

The girls aren't at a loss of friends or social interactions. They're involved with plenty of extracurricular activities outside of homeschooling.

"I do tennis, karate, music class," Willow said.

Their online school sends students all the necessary books and supplies and costs less than $5,000 a year.

Just over 4,600 students are homeschooled in New York City, according to the city Department of Education.

Both moms said they will eventually give their daughters the option to go to a traditional brick-and-mortar school. They feel confident their kids are getting a quality education and urge all parents to really explore the options that work best for their families.