Homeless taking over Atlanta's airport

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There is no hotel at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, but that fact does not stop dozens of street people every night from checking in. Well, sort of.

While you may be at home having supper, vagrants find a chair, sometimes two to stretch out for their rest.

They also have the food court right inside the atrium. When we asked one homeless lady if she has money to make a purchase, she answered no. She said travelers "bless" her with food.

While most who come into the airport are tolerated up until the last MARTA train pulls out, the behavior of some can be violent or just plain distasteful. One man walked into the doors on the Delta Southside, opened his pants and urinated into a garbage can.

Vince Champion, with the police union, wants City Hall to step in saying the airport officers need marching orders to enforce criminal trespass laws.