Home heating bills expected to soar this winter

Almost like everything else, you can expect to pay more this winter to keep your home warm.

Due to the global energy crisis and inflation, nearly every American will be paying more to heat their home this year, whether they use oil or natural gas.

Even worse, the difference won't be small. Some people may end up paying hundreds of dollars more than they did just one year ago. 

"We just got a bill, and I got 71 gallons. It cost me $375," said Frank Miceli, a homeowner on Long Island who got his oil tank filled up for the winter.

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"I'm seeing bills of 200 gallons, almost a thousand dollars," said Paul Fortuna, owner of A&N Heating Oil Company. "Compared to last year, it was half that. I don't see how some people are going to do it."

Fortuna told FOX 5 that he's been running his family's heating oil business for over two decades, and that he's never seen prices this bad.

Experts say people can expect on average to see a 17% increase in their home heating bills this winter. Those who use natural gas may get hit the hardest.

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And out of every region across the nation, the northeast is probably going to end up paying the most. 

But there are still factors that can save you a little money.

  • Turn down your thermostat as low as is comfortable
  • Install a programmable or "smart" thermostat
  • Seal or cover areas with drafts
  • Keep interior doors closed
  • Check your home's insulation
  • Make sure your furnace has been inspected and clean/replace air filters as needed
  • Dress warmer
  • Consider an electric blanket
  • Open shades or blinds during the day so the sun can warm your home