Hoboken installing flood pumps

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Residents of Hoboken, New Jersey, concerned about flooding can breathe a little easier after the lowering of a pump Friday morning. That pump and a second pump are part of an underground station designed to protect northwest Hoboken between 9th and 13th streets. The low-lying area is prone to severe flooding during intense rain at high tide.

North Hudson Sewage Authority Executive Director Richard Wolff explained that when flooding begins the pumps kick in and force the water out into the river.

Hoboken is still rebuilding after damages suffered during Superstorm Sandy, a fact not lost on Mayor Dawn Zimmer. She said Sandy devastated the city. She said 80 percent of the city was under water. She said the pumps will play an important role in the event of another big storm.

Combined, the pumps can move 80 million gallons per day. The pump should be online in August, with full completion expected in the fall. Price tag: $12 million.