Hit-and-run driver was distracted by woman in his lap, deputies say

A Polk County man was arrested in connection with a deadly hit-and-run that happened Saturday evening.

Randy Joe Allen, 54, told deputies he was driving distracted.

"It is obvious to me he wasn't paying attention to his driving, he was paying attention to what she was doing and that's why the crash occurred," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Allen had met his female passenger at a bar that night.  The pair was heading down Highway 92 in Auburndale when deputies say Allen hit and killed Terry Ross, who was riding a bike.

Deputies say Allen didn't stop, and instead kept on going.

"She was laying in his lap doing things she shouldn't have done. As a result he ran over and killed a man," described Sheriff Judd.

Investigators tracked down the woman, who told them she was giving Allen oral sex in the vehicle when he struck something.

Allen told deputies he thought he'd hit a stop sign. He's charged Leaving the scene of a crash involving death.
It's at least his eighth arrest in Polk County, including a DUI in 2008.

"A man's dead today because y'all were being cute and that's not funny," the sheriff said.

Despite the salacious headlines, Sheriff Judd wants to focus on a witness who saw the crash and ultimately helped investigators track Allen down.

"They saw the gentleman that was hit, they raced up and obtained the tag number of the vehicle, then raced back and helped the man that was hit," Judd said.

The sheriff also has this message for any future couples thinking about engaging in dirty deeds in a moving vehicle.

"I think we have one more bad example of what happens when you're distracted doing anything. Especially doing the nasty. Don't do it," Judd added.

Allen could face additional charges pending the outcome of a blood test.  The woman is not expected to be charged.