Historic Brooklyn movie theater reopens after $10 million renovation

A Brooklyn movie theater was originally known as the Sanders when opened up nearly a century ago in Prospect Park. It later became known as the Pavilion after the building was renovated in 1996. But last week, the landmark reopened as Nitehawk Cinema, which offers nostalgia as well as a fresh take going out to the movies.

"It's really exciting to be able to preserve a historic theater—this is probably one of the longest-running theaters in New York City," Matthew Viragh, the owner and founder of Nitehawk Cinema, said. "It's been going since 1928."

The renovation took well over two years after original elements of the building—such as marble staircases—were restored.

"We were the first dine-in cinema in New York," Viragh said. "We actually changed a Prohibition-era law to allow alcohol sales in a motion picture theater."

The Prospect Park location is also over twice the size of the original Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg.

"This is now seven screens with 650 seats so we're able to play some bigger blockbuster movies as well as the independent, adult fare that we're known for in Williamsburg," Viragh said.

Not only will Nitehawk Cinema be able to welcome more local moviegoers, but it will also welcome them back for a new experience.

A general admission ticket will set you back $13—a steal considering transforming the Pavilion into the Nighthawk Cinema was a nearly $10 million renovation.