'Highly aggressive' bull attacks owner

A New Jersey woman had to be rushed to the hospital after one of her bulls attacked her. 

Police in Sparta say the bull had escaped its enclosure.  The woman was trying to coax it back to her property when it attacked and threw her around.

Police dashcam video shows the bull being coaxed back up a road to the owner's farm on Houses Corner Road. At several points, the bull attemptted to mount the SUV driven by the owner.  It happened around 3 p.m. on Friday March 8.

Wendy McDermott had gotten out of her vehicle to open the enclosure's gate when the bull turned on her, according to police.

The woman began screaming that the 1,200 pound anminal was trying to kill her and needed to be shot.

McDermott managed to make it into the police cruiser while cops distracted the bull. The massive animal charged the patrol vehicle and was shot by two officers.

McDermott was rushed to Newton Memorial Hospital where she received numerous stitches to her head. She also suffered cuts and bruises to her body.

McDermott told police her husband had recently been injured by the bull but not nearly as seriously.