Highland Park Subway busted for selling Marijuana

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A Highland Park Subway shop was raided Friday, finding more than just $5 foot-longs. Police say marijuana could also be purchased at the Woodward and Manchester sub shop.

"If you buy a sub, you can buy drugs at the same time," Press Secretary Marli Blockman said.

Watching the shop for about a week, police learned that customers have discovered a new way to eat fresh for a few months now.

So far an employee and a manager have been arrested. Police say when they confronted the manager he pretended to be taking out the trash, that bag he threw out was full of weed and cash, roughly 2 pounds of marijuana and $5,000 in cash.

"We're doing an investigation now so i'm sure there's more to come out of it," Blockman said.

Police searched an employee's Porche, discovering more drugs. Police found that the employee's vehicle registration was actually to a Dodge Magnum.

"That's just too much, too much," resident Kenny Black said.

FOX 2: So what's the secret to getting your meal extra fresh?

"Just ask for a cookie," resident Darrell Hurston said.

Fox Reporter: How much does it cost?

"Ten dollars, five, what ever you want," he said. "It really is stupid, I just hope they learned they lesson about that," he said.