High, naked woman tried to bite off man's genitals, cops say

Police in South Carolina say a naked woman high on drugs tried to bite off a man's genitals and then rushed on all fours at responding officers.  One of the officers had to use a stun gun on her to subdue her.

A Hanahan Police report shows that a man called police for help, saying the unknown woman tried to bite off his penis during sex with him and another man while they were having a "threesome".

After the woman was hit with the stun gun the officers had to revive her with the overdose-fighting drug Narcan.  The woman was believed to been using both heroin and methamphetamine.

The local police chief says the body camera video of the encounter was some of the most disturbing things he has seen in his law enforcement career.

"It honestly reminded me of something you would see off of a horror movie," Chief Dennis Turner said in an interview on a local TV station.

The woman was taken to a hospital.  No charges were filed as of Friday afternoon.  

Chief Turner told Fox5NY.com that he will not comment anymore on the incident since the investigation is still active.

It was unclear if the man was treated or if he lost his penis in the attack.