High-end dining domes ordered to be removed in San Francisco

The clear, dome-shaped dining areas in San Francisco that touted pricey meals must come down after being ordered to do so by the Department of Public Health, the Chronicle reported.

A public health officer ordered Hashiri, a high-end Japanese restaurant, to remove the domes “due to the enclosed nature of the structure, which may not allow for adequate air flow,” the Chronicle reported.

The Department of Public Health’s guidelines for outdoor dining during the pandemic state that outdoor structures like tents need to be open on the sides. 

Hashiri owners put up the domes because serving expensive sushi didn't sit well with many customers trying to have a nice meal in Mint Plaza, located near 5th and Mission streets where homeless live and sleep, the Chronicle reported.

After attracting news coverage, Hashiri received hate mail from people seeing the domes as anti-homeless.