Heightened security for Passover and Holy Week

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(@LisaEvers / Fox 5 News)

Security is always high during Passover, but the NYPD is on heightened alert since this year Passover coincides with the Christianity's Holy Week and comes just days after terror attacks on Christian churches in Egypt.

The NYPD maintained a visible presence for Passover outside Central Synagogue in Midtown. At Park East Synagogue, counterterrorism officers not only watched who went in, but also who walked by. The number of private security on site at Temple Emanu-El has been doubled. Sources told Fox 5 unmarked plainclothes officers are in the area as well as constant mobile patrols instead of fixed-post officers.

The Palm Sunday ISIS terror attacks on two Coptic Christian churches in northern Egypt claimed dozens of lives and prompted a national state of emergency. Coptic Orthodox churches in the United States received additional protection.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan told Good Day New York that faith now makes you a target of "hateful fanatics."

Mayor Bill de Blasio and police said the NYPD's counterterrorism strategy has evolved as the threats have become more numerous. The multi-layered security plan includes uniformed officers at local precincts and specialized roving units that can instantly respond if necessary.

With this just the beginning of Passover and Holy Week, the heightened state of alert will be in effect as long as necessary. Whatever faith is being practiced, many will also be adding prayers for peace.