Heartbroken French bulldog owner desperate for pet's return after dognapping

For Xavier Burgos, his nightmare began Monday afternoon when he and his girlfriend took their 5-month-old French bulldog "Enzo" to what was supposed to be a doggie playdate at a dog park in Woodbridge.

He was set to meet someone he thought of as a friend, telling FOX 5 New York that he "never expected this guy to ever my steal my dog. That's why I was comfortable going to the playdate in the first place."

Burgos says another man he didn't know was also there and suggested all of them go to a nearby apartment complex, where the man claimed his mother lived and had more French bulldogs inside.


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While waiting, Burgos let Enzo play in the apartment parking lot. But by the time he returned to his car, the men had grabbed Enzo and sped off.

On Tuesday, Burgos says the dognappers sent him a video of Enzo and an $8,000 ransom demand.

Burgos contacted the authorities and says he gave them the license plate of the car that left with Enzo. Woodbridge police confirm they are investigating the incident and are following up on leads. 

Enzo does have a chip, but Burgos says hasn't heard from the suspects in days and that he just wants his pup back, safe and unharmed.