He was 8 when he killed. Now, probation to end

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) - An Arizona teenager whose life has been defined by a crime he committed when he was 8 is nearing the end of his probation.

The boy turns 18 on Friday, freeing him from travel restrictions, periodic psychological evaluations and having his every move monitored.

In 2008, he was charged with killing his father, 29-year-old Vincent Romero, and his father's friend, 39-year-old Timothy Romans. He pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in Romans' death and a second charge was dropped.

He's spent the past nine years in residential treatment, a group home and foster care.

His attorney and the prosecutor say transitioning into adulthood will be easier because of the support network he's built. He won't be allowed to have a gun.

The Associated Press isn't identifying him because of his age.