Hawk and goose that were rescued by NYPD are recovering

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Police officers with the NYPD's ESU helped a hawk that was hurt after flying into a window in Manhattan in February 2019. (FOX 5 NY)

Some police officers who helped two birds in distress in separate incidents visited the flying creatures to check on their recovery Monday.

Two cops from the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit helped a red-tailed hawk last week, which apparently suffered a concussion after flying into a window in Lower Manhattan.

ESU Detective Connolly and Officer Lutz found the bird looking dazed on the sidewalk. They carefully captured the hawk with a sheet and an animal cage and brought it to the Wild Bird Fund on the Upper West Side for rehabilitation.

The Wild Bird Fund tweeted that the hawk had injuries suggesting that it may have been in a fight with another raptor.

Two officers from the 20th Precinct also visited the Wild Bird Fund on Monday to see the Canada goose they helped last week on the Upper West Side.

Officers Banzer and Bisland said they helped the injured goose, which seemed frightened, who was trapped in a building's courtyard.

The Wild Bird Fund said the goose is doing well.